Jean Forsman

  • Webstrategist

     – Present Helsingfors
    Since 2016 I've been planning and establishing Folkhälsans new website. I have developed and integrated Folkhälsans course management system to be a part central part of the customers contact with Folkhälsan, along with being a content management system for everyone working in the Folkhälsan group.
    I am also responsible for developing Folkhälsans look and presence on the web, along with analyzing campaign and ad results.
  • Web Developer

    Stoneart AS
     –  Norway
    Web developing and Web marketing for Stonearts swedish market
    Website and Social media development
    Advertising and content creation
    Search engine optimization
    Sales management
  • Administrative Manager

    Purus Oy
     –  Helsinki, Finland
    ERP transition and development
    Product database management
    Economics and Statistics management
    Website and Social media development
    Purchase management
    Warehouse and Logistics management
    Technical on-site support, Phone & IT
    General Go-To-Guy

  • Web developer

    HSS Media Ab
     –Vaasa, Finland
    Development for online newspapers and social media platforms owned by HSS Media.
    Customer support.

  • Project manager

    Open Kvarken / Vaasa University of Applied Sciences
     –  Vaasa, Finland
    The Open Kvarken project was an unique Botnia Atlantica project, funded on EU level in which the Triple Helix concept (University – IT Sector – Public Sector) was used in order to commercialize global Open Source projects in the Vaasa and Umeå region. We also developed local Open Source projects and marketed them globally.
    My main objectives focused on implementation and commercialization of open source software for the public sector. One of my projects focused on creating a fully functional school environment using only Open Source licensenses, which in turn makes the environment expandable without increasing cost. Documentation attached.

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